Dr. Andrew Huberman — A Neurobiologist on Optimizing Sleep, Performance, and Testosterone (The Tim Ferriss Show)

Podcast Highlights and Opinion

Dr. Andrew Huberman — A Neurobiologist on Optimizing Sleep, Performance, and Testosterone (The Tim Ferriss Show)

🎩 Why did this podcast resonate with me?

It made me understand how small changes (almost insignificant changes) from a biological perspective, also lead to good results. For instance, the way we try to optimize our performance depends on few key things: sleep, exercise, and thoughts about life.

🎙 Who should listen to this podcast

This podcast should be listened to by someone interested in understanding human biology and its impact in broader terms. Dr. Huberman does a great job trying to deconstruct every concept he is explaining, and for people who have not a science background (like me), make it seem really easy.

🕹 Main highlights and ideas

Impact of Vision in Our Mood

How our vision connects to our mood is bidirectional. In a sense, when we feel anxious, we see our environment overwhelming, and that makes us more anxious. How could we take advantage of that? By using our vision better.

Looking at the complete perspective has been linked with a sense of relaxation, that's why when we are in front of an amazing landscape we feel relaxed. On the contrary, when our eyes aim at certain objects or people, we feel either stressed or excited.

How to Use Light in our Favor

Believe it or not, we can't imagine the complete impact light has on us. That is not a surprise, taking into account that even plants' nutrition depends entirely on it. Albeit, what we know is on which moments light is beneficial for us.

For instance, if we take our lowest corporal temperature as a reference (which occurs around 2 hours before our regular time of waking up), we could realize that exposure after that time, will lead to a boost in energy, but exposure before that time (i.e., when you scroll down on social media) could lead to problems impairing your sleep schedule.

How to Approach Life

After explaining the importance of sleeping and exercising, he made a point on how we should face our life. We cannot lose the sense of adventure in our lives about what happens to us.  Trying to think this way about everything, makes us even "enjoy" the bad things that regularly occur.

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