How to approach things with the right mindset

All resides in enjoying the moment

How to approach things with the right mindset

In order to do so, we just have to bear in mind three concepts:

  • Playfulness

    • It is a manner to let (good or bad) things happen in a way in which whatever the consequences of them, you feel the same, and feel just as if you were playing a game. For instance, if I ask you how do you feel when playing a sport just for fun, you will tell me it feels nice, not because you don't have to make an effort doing it but because you didn't feel in any moment any type of pressure to do things.
  • Lack of seriousness

    • It is simply the absence of thoughtfulness, in which, in a sense, you let things happen, which doesn't mean you don't care about them at all; in contrast, you feel as if after creating a path, you just have to let that path, and the activities that surround it, take it from where you are, to the place you want to be.
  • Joy

    • Have you thought about what have happened to you and your performance on a certain activity when you feel great doing it? If I had asked you that question, you could have answered me it increased, but the problem with it is that even enjoyable activities have something we dislike, and the best way to face it is focusing on the big picture.
  • All of these, you could have noticed that are implicitly included in the phrases:

Approach things sincerely rather than seriously
Enjoy the journey

And definitely, to approach things with the right mindset, all that it takes is to let things flow and enjoy doing them.